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“Search and Destroy”

Her delicate wings flap with a strangely rebellious grace,
And she stumbles with a stunted glide from branch to identical branch,
Searching, waiting
For her protector,
For her savior,
For the end to her self-destruction.
Her blinded eyes turn only to the name “Search”
So we will call her by no other name.

A wretched yet beautiful screech bellows from above,
And he is revealed,
Her protector,
Her savior,
The end of her self-destruction,
Just as she is the end of his.

But he is more,
He is her defender,
Her eternal curse,
Her destroyer,
As that is his name.

Together they are the true definition of power,
And of love,
And of tragedy.
They tarnish the earth and recreate it as they see fit.
They are the mourners and the jests,
The beggars and the rich,
The angels and the demons.

They are our past and our future.
They are our hearts and our souls.
They are Search and Destroy.
And they will.
Wrote this for my writing class when I was looking at the sparrow I draw several times every day based on Frank Iero's "Search and Destroy" tattoo and I have no idea it just came into my head! So yeah, enjoy my crappy poetry.
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March 18, 2013
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