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No Reason Whatsoever for Posting This by SoLongAndGoodnite No Reason Whatsoever for Posting This :iconsolongandgoodnite:SoLongAndGoodnite 2 0
Mr. Iero (Chapter 3 FRERARD)
~The next few days went rather smoothly; I began teaching kids the basics, mainly reviewing how to read music and things like that. ~
* * *
On Friday, I decided it would be a good idea to bring in my old Les Paul and give myself and the kids a chance to show off. I also took in a stereo, all my CD’s that weren’t already at the school, and my two old microphones. I lugged these items in tough, black cases out to my trunk in my robe, pajama bottoms, and grungy bunny slippers with a bit of difficulty, shaking off the small shiver that crept up my back as I rushed back inside to prepare for my day.
Looking in the mirror thirty minutes before I was to leave, I figured Friday was as good a day as any to dress up a little more than usual. Instead of the usual tee shirt and dark, worn skinny jeans, I threw on some lighter, looser cut jeans, a white button up, and a bright red tie. I then curled the ends of my bangs inwards towards my eye and carefully penciled on a thin line of eye
:iconsolongandgoodnite:SoLongAndGoodnite 3 10
Mr. Iero (Chapter 2 FRERARD)
A slim girl with long, brown hair raised her hand timidly. I looked at her and said, “You, what’s your name?”
“Eliza,” she replied, blushing a bit and trying not to giggle I think.
I checked my sheet and marked her as “present”, encouraging her to ask her question, “Alright Eliza, what’s your question?”
“How old are you?”
Ah, the very same question every teacher is asked on the first day of school by at least one person. I stated in a very matter-of-fact way, “26.”
Seemingly surprised gasps and “OMFG REALLY???’s” flooded through the air, leaving me only to chuckle and nod, pointing to the paint on the back wall behind them. “Yes really, teachers are allowed to be young too, you know! I actually was here when they painted that, see? My name’s on the bottom.” Overdramatic “Oooh’s” and “ahh’s” responded.
I gasped, realizing that I was
:iconsolongandgoodnite:SoLongAndGoodnite 4 9
Shocking New Development in Frankology O.o by SoLongAndGoodnite Shocking New Development in Frankology O.o :iconsolongandgoodnite:SoLongAndGoodnite 4 14
The bellowing and intrusive screech of my alarm dragged me forcefully out of the calm, empty portion of the slumber I was in. 5 AM, damn. Today was the first day of school; well, first day of WORK for me I guess. At least the painful nostalgia associated with my old high school would be thwarted by the realization that this time around I was the one in charge.
I drug myself out of bed, the pale sheet clinging slightly to my sweaty skin, the desperate need of showering caused by the innumerable night terrors that tend to occur almost nightly. I slunk lazily towards my bathroom, happy as always that having no roommate meant I could sleep naked and walk around in the same condition. I flicked the plain, off-white switch on the wall and winced as the sudden severe change in lighting stung at my eyes. I reached into the small, rectangular glass cubicle in the corner of the room and turned the shower dial up all the way, standing outside of it and peering into the mirror for a moment to let
:iconsolongandgoodnite:SoLongAndGoodnite 11 22
Why Do These Exist OMFG XDDDD by SoLongAndGoodnite Why Do These Exist OMFG XDDDD :iconsolongandgoodnite:SoLongAndGoodnite 6 23
Search and Destroy
“Search and Destroy”
Her delicate wings flap with a strangely rebellious grace,
And she stumbles with a stunted glide from branch to identical branch,
Searching, waiting
For her protector,
For her savior,
For the end to her self-destruction.
Her blinded eyes turn only to the name “Search”
So we will call her by no other name.
A wretched yet beautiful screech bellows from above,
And he is revealed,
Her protector,
Her savior,
The end of her self-destruction,
Just as she is the end of his.
But he is more,
He is her defender,
Her eternal curse,
Her destroyer,
As that is his name.
Together they are the true definition of power,
And of love,
And of tragedy.
They tarnish the earth and recreate it as they see fit.
They are the mourners and the jests,
The beggars and the rich,
The angels and the demons.
They are our past and our future.
They are our hearts and our souls.
They are Search and Destroy.
And they will.
:iconsolongandgoodnite:SoLongAndGoodnite 2 0
The Day I Meet GeeWay
This day came to me in a dream once, and I shall relay it to you in the exact words (or close-ish) from me to my girlfriend Jee. This is the day I meet Gerard Way and the guys of My Chemical Romance.
The Day I meet Gerard motherfucking Way, I’m gonna tellim how whenever I type in his name it thinks he’s an address. He’ll probably think it’s pretty funny…
But then he’ll be like, “Wait a tick. Why are u typing my name…?”
And I’ll be all, “Uhh… music class report.”
Whilst he’s going “Ohhh that makes sense!”, Jee’s all staring at me like, “Heheh nah she’s written like 400000000000000000000 Frerards dude she never wrote a report on u!”
SO me and him will both be all awkward like O.OO and I’m probably gonna start blubbering like an idiot like “NO I WASN’T! I mean, it was just a phase like three years ago you guys totally aren’t i
:iconsolongandgoodnite:SoLongAndGoodnite 0 3
Dafuq Boredom by SoLongAndGoodnite Dafuq Boredom :iconsolongandgoodnite:SoLongAndGoodnite 3 2
Mature content
Wanna Wrestle? :iconsolongandgoodnite:SoLongAndGoodnite 10 10
DUDE OMG. I. WAS. TALKING. TO. MATT. PELISSIER...! by SoLongAndGoodnite DUDE OMG. I. WAS. TALKING. TO. MATT. PELISSIER...! :iconsolongandgoodnite:SoLongAndGoodnite 2 3 O.O by SoLongAndGoodnite O.O :iconsolongandgoodnite:SoLongAndGoodnite 12 10 I Didn't Make This But OMGee!!! by SoLongAndGoodnite I Didn't Make This But OMGee!!! :iconsolongandgoodnite:SoLongAndGoodnite 30 19
Dark Places
         "Let's go camping!", he said "It'll be fun!", he said. And that's how I ended up aimlessly roaming the woods with some kid I barely knew who was suddenly in my band. I trusted him though, somehow; and it was hard to say no to him, like he was a helpless little boy who you just wanted to listen to and protect.
It was easy to see how the little kid analogy stuck into my mind. His name was Frank Iero and he was my rhythm guitarist. He was about 4 foot 9 inches tall and had messy, unkempt hair (though it was pretty short) and still had that hint of a spark in his big, green eyes left over from the innocence of childhood. I always envied that about him, the fact that with all the shit in the world he could keep pieces of his childhood within him and prevent himself from growing up too fast like I had to that one day in September…
I would tell you a little background about that day, but it's still just too painful to talk about, besi
:iconsolongandgoodnite:SoLongAndGoodnite 3 14
Welcome to the *SNACK* Parade! by SoLongAndGoodnite Welcome to the *SNACK* Parade! :iconsolongandgoodnite:SoLongAndGoodnite 3 6
I'm Home Again (FRERARD)
Dear Gerard,
When I'm with you, I feel like I'm new again. Everything is exciting and fresh and a discovery waiting to be found. I gaze into those explosive hazel eyes of yours and as cliché as it sounds, I just get lost in them.
~I open my lungs dear,
I sing this song at funerals, no rush.
These lyrics heard a thousand times, just plush.
Baby boy you've held so tightly, this pain it visits almost nightly.
Missing hotel beds, I feel your touch.~
I feel like laughing and throwing up from sheer nerves at the same time when I'm around you and I want to let you know how much you mean to me. But I'm much too afraid… Afraid that you'll hate me for it. Afraid that you don't feel the same; maybe never will. But I'll wait, and maybe one day you'll see what you are in my eyes.
~I will await dear,
A patience of eternity, my crush.
A universal still, no rust.
No dust will ever grow on this frame,
One million years, I will say your name.
I love you more than I can ever scream.~
In my crue
:iconsolongandgoodnite:SoLongAndGoodnite 2 5
Check out teh shtuffs NOW!!!


25 Essential Expressions Practice by Hootsweets 25 Essential Expressions Practice :iconhootsweets:Hootsweets 865 122 Frerard by Muffin-Slut Frerard :iconmuffin-slut:Muffin-Slut 116 26 Frerard sketches by Silverleopard Frerard sketches :iconsilverleopard:Silverleopard 462 80 FRERARD continuation by alamniezmusilaxd FRERARD continuation :iconalamniezmusilaxd:alamniezmusilaxd 356 134
Mature content
Don't Know A Thing About My Sins [TT!Frerard] :iconraven052:Raven052 11 41
Hello, Beautiful.
Gerard really didn’t mean to walk straight into the gay bar.
Really. It was an accident! He could without a doubt attest to that – the place was marked only by a small, dimly glowing Pepsi sign, and he’d been to all the other bars in the area, so he’d just wondered…
But as they say, curiosity killed the cat. And so it was that Gerard slipped into the unmarked, unassuming, somewhat shabby building, and all at once found himself in the middle of what was very obviously a gay bar.
It was kind of like in the movies when everything just goes silent and everyone looks up at you. Gerard had barely made it three feet into the room when all the heads turned, and he found himself faced with dozens of pairs of male eyes, narrowed and looking him up and down.
Gerard made a small gulping noise, because this wasn’t just any gay bar – it was a scary gay bar. Practically everybody was dressed head to toe in leather, with piercings, tattoos, and dyed or impres
:iconkilljoyatheart:KilljoyAtHeart 78 76
Compilation of all what My Chemical Romance says by SingOfTomorrow Compilation of all what My Chemical Romance says :iconsingoftomorrow:SingOfTomorrow 41 27
Avengers: Frerard: Oneshot
"Are you done NOW?" Gerard whined impatiently.
From through the locked door, he heard Frank's classically adorable giggle and gritted his teeth in jealousy.
"Not yet, keep your cape on Gee!" Mikey replied.
Gerard scowled and continued sullenly pulling a hairbrush through his rather long black hair. He had grown it out especially for Frank, who had wanted the four of them to dress up as characters from the Avengers movie for their almost-traditional Halloween trick-or-treating.
Gerard's pale skin and dark hair had made him the obvious choice for Loki and because of how short Frank was they had unanimously voted that he be the Hulk. That was exactly where Gerard's problem had begun.
When Frank had come to the Way house earlier that evening, he had said that he was going to go shirtless (supressed moan from Gerard) and wanted to paint his torso in green. Of course, Gerard had instantly volunteered to do the painting. But to his disappointment and bitter jealousy, Frank had instead asked M
:iconlyricdiangelo:LyricDiAngelo 52 56
Priest!GerardxComic-Con!Gerard by GHOULISHGLOW
Mature content
Priest!GerardxComic-Con!Gerard :iconghoulishglow:GHOULISHGLOW 20 25
Mature content
Holding On Tonight [TimeTravel!Frerard] :iconraven052:Raven052 10 9
My Chemical Romance Project is Finished!
Thank you everyone that took part! The video is on it's way to Gerard!
In total we have: 171 photos, 200+ people, and 22 countries.
These countries are:
El Salvador
New Zealand
Russia (they have a BIIIIG MCR fan base)
The United Kingdom
The Unites States
Some people didn't say which country they were from so there could be more countries involved.
Gah! I just sent a few dozen dozen messages/emails to everyone, man I'm tired.  But it was darn well worth it!
EDIT (the next morning):  I have received 187 views on this video overnight (this is a huge deal for me) and I have gotten so many heartfelt thanks.  It really means a lot to me, I'll so happy you all like the video so much!
:iconfatality-like-ghosts:Fatality-Like-Ghosts 6 39
~Imagine~ The year is 2019,
The year is 2019, you smile because you remember back to your favourite band and the Danger Days Album. It's been 6 years since the breakup. everyday you wake up smiling because of what year. it makes you feel like a part of MCR is still with you and that's what you were aiming for.
you walk downstairs still in your pyjamas and you turn on your laptop holding a cup of coffee or tea, you hum along to a song that wouldn't stop playing on the radio and then you freeze.
You re read the words over and over and your heart starts to accelerate again. you get that feeling all over again.
your inner teenager coming back out.
that fangirl you locked away for years.
My Chemical Romance has announced their comeback.
They have released a tour.
They are coming to your city. You jump up screaming with pure joy and excitement. You order your tickets and you talk with your friends who are also shocked from the return of the band.
They are here.
they are back with you to guide you again like t
:iconmonochromevoicestory:monochromevoicestory 9 4
Cleverbot fun.: FRERARD, RYDON, AND JONCER by DestryDisenchanted Cleverbot fun.: FRERARD, RYDON, AND JONCER :icondestrydisenchanted:DestryDisenchanted 6 31 Rydon icon wallpaper by irunfree Rydon icon wallpaper :iconirunfree:irunfree 38 7 Rydon by MCRfansister Rydon :iconmcrfansister:MCRfansister 86 36 Are You Ryan Ross? by RydenVeins Are You Ryan Ross? :iconrydenveins:RydenVeins 17 20
Dis is the stuff that Fio likey!




Sorry I haven't been on in a while but high school sucks so BLEH! I have been working on stuff though I assure you, but in the meantime


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Frankie (Exterminator Diamond) Kagome Iero III
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United States
*I am a teenage girl, so obviously I'm less than perfect. I enjoy listening to music (Especially My Chemical Romance) and playing guitar, as well as creating my own music with my friends.

* I will never get in a photobooth ever again (1: Because of bad experiences that I will not speak of, and 2: Because I prefer to take my own crappy pictures with my own crappy camera)

* I SUCK at drawing, but I plan to study art and music in college.

*I play trumpet, rock-style drums (that's SUCH a lie! XD), and am currently leaning electric and acoustic guitar.

*I write a lot of Frerard... like ALOT. I'm still not sure why I enjoy it, I just do... If you DON'T enjoy Frerard, just don't read it OKAY? Cuz I'm not taking your crap!

*My Geebear <3 <3 <3 :icongoodgirlslikebadguys:
*My Daughter Thing (DT aka Convict) :iconninja-poptartluvs-ge:
*MIKEY!!! (I miss you lil bro! XO) :iconiamastegosaurous:
*My Other Daughter (I think...?) :iconbanditsaysrawr:
*LE BOBBRYAR(notreallybutshe'sprettywizardanyway)!!! :icondannyhorserules:

*Art is the Weapon.*
*Your Imagination is the Ammunition.*
*Stay Dirty, and Stay Dangerous.*
*Create and Destroy as you see fit.*
*Embrace your Originality.*
*The Aftermath is Secondary.*
*You can and should do Anything.*
*(My Chemical Romance)*

*I like D&D, Audrey Hepburn, Fangoria, Harry Houdini, and croquet. I can't swim, I can't dance, and I don't know karate... But I don't WANT to make it, so it's okay!*
*(Jaime Tsu* Robinson)*


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